Sunday 1 September 2013

Lucky Lady Games Blog has a new home!

The Lucky Lady Behind the Scenes Blog is now a part of the brand new Lucky Lady Games Website & Casino Blog!

Sorry for the broken links at the moment, I had to take down this site cause of the duplicate content... so be sure to visit in a few weeks and all the links should be fixed ;)

Thank-you to all our current readers as we transition over a new phase of our game studio. 

We hope to provide you with a complete online destination to play free casino games while providing top social gaming and gambling industry news. 

Why did we move?

The cost of user-acquisition for social casino and social games has become very expensive and hard for social game start-ups to compete for users. Up against industry giants with millions in their pockets, we have decided instead of solely competing dollar for dollar in marketing, we rather innovate and that means expanding our market reaches.

Over the next few months, you will see our developments on HTML5 gaming innovation, casino gaming technologies & testing alternative marketing strategies for social games. 

This kind of game industry data and things that go on with building a social game start-up are just some of the things that we will blog at

Our studio is now in what we call the 'Test & Tune' phase and our game is set to launch any day now. (I know I've been saying this for years... but I promise you, we will launch before the world ends!)

See you at our new home! :)